Fantasy Football: A Look At DFS Leader FanDuel (My Review)


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Russell Westbrook

With the start of the new NBA season here that means that fantasy basketball is back as well.  Even though the NFL dominates the DFS industry, in my mind the NBA is more fun.

There are contests everyday throughout the season so that means that the action is non-stop.  The concept is the same as the NFL as you draft a team of 9 players ( 2 of each position then only 1 center).  FanDuel’s salary cap is set at $60,000 which you use to draft your team.

Each player is given a salary based on their expected performance.  When drafting you really need to keep a close eye on injuries and players resting for the night.  This seems to be true in the NBA more than any other sport as there are many last minute scratches.  A failure to react to any news will virtually cost you any chance of even cashing in a tournament, let alone win one.

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Lebron James

A few sites I like to use are Fantasy Labs and Rotogrinders I like Fantasy Labs because of their Vegas data and they usually have some good free content breaking down the days slate of games.

Rotogrinders is a good site for some free content as well and they will give you good information on daily lineups so you will know who is playing and who is injured or sitting out.

If NBA DFS is something you might be interested in playing then you can click here to open up a free account on FanDuel and check it out. 

FanDuel, The King of Fantasy Football DFS.

Fantasy football is king when it comes to daily fantasy sports (DFS), and FanDuel is the King of the Hill in the industry.

Think you know the NFL?  Then step up and compete with thousands of other players or set up a private league for you and your friends.

Millions of dollars are literally up for grabs on FanDuel each week, so what are you waiting for? Unlike season long leagues, in DFS fantasy football you draft a new team each week, so an injury will never ruin your season and you can draft whatever players you want as long as you stay within your allotted budget.

NFL Sunday Million Fantasy Football Tournament

The NFL rules DFS and as a result has the biggest guaranteed prize pools (GPP’s) in the industry.

FanDuels Sunday Million NFL tournament pays a very handsome $500,000 for first place with only a $7 buy-in.

Not bad for a days work watching football…

DFS, fanduel, draftkingsHow To Play DFS NFL Fantasy Football

FanDuel offers a very clean and user friendly UI and is available online or on your Android or Apple app store.

To enter a fantasy football contest you simply open up the site and check the lobby, decide on which tournament you want to enter, select it, then draft your team.

Each player is given a salary based on their expected performance and you are given a set dollar amount to draft your team of nine players.

FanDuels salary structure sets the salary cap at $60,000.  Your job is to draft the best possible team you can within that budget.  Since everyone has the same salary cap and access to the same players, the playing field is level and your personal research will make all the difference.

Types of DFS Contests

There area few types of contests you can enter…

GPP’s or guaranteed prize pool tournaments, feature guaranteed prizes for each position in the tournament that cashes, which is generally around 15 to 20 percent of the entrants…

…but the big money obviously goes to the top ten or so who have the highest scoring teams, with the lower cashing teams generally doubling their investment.

GPP’s are volatile thus you need to go for the high-risk, high-reward plays if you want to finish near the top of the leaderboards.

Cash games, also known as 50/50’s or double ups are a couple other ways you can play DFS as well.  In these tournaments you basically need to finish in the top half of the field and you will double your entry fee.

Playing cash games is a good way to steadily grow your bankroll because you are only looking to cash.  The amount of points your team has doesn’t matter as long as you finish in the top half of the field.  Every team that cashes will make the same amount.

DFS In Other Major Sports

FanDuel also offers tournaments in other major sports such as the NBA, MLB, Golf and Soccer.

DFS Restrictions

FanDuel is not currently available to players in the following states:

Arizona, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Texas, and Washington state.